CEO Message

Power gen

 Currently, Ethiopia is among the fastest growing countries in the world. This holistic development in turn, demands adequate electricity to sustain at large. Therefore, Ethiopian Electric Power has been constructed various mega projects to feed adequate and reliable electricity nationwide. Mega projects have been constructed under the First Growth and Transformation Plan including the iconic nation project, the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam with a total performance of 63%.

In addition, Gibe III hydro power project has officially inaugurated and successfully launched operation thereby supplying the Grid with an average of 800 MW. Currently, the total existing generation capacity of the nation has reached 4238 MW per annual.

In due course of time, the work on 500kv Ethio-Kenya interconnection transmission line, 400kv Genale Dawa III-Yrgalem-Welayta Soddo transmission line has undertaken in a good progress.
Currently, most of the existing power plants are from hydro, this in turn, has an adverse effect during the occurrence of drought. As a result, EEP has made efforts to step up generation mix nationwide to curb the challenge and continues construction of power projects from Hydro, Wind, Geothermal as well as solar.
What is more, our company doing its level best focused on nurturing the regional power integration and beyond. In fact that, Djibouti, Sudan interconnected with Ethiopia including the ongoing Ethio-Kenya interconnection transmission line.
Under the 2nd growth and transformation plan, Ethiopian Electric Power targeted to carry out numerous power projects including generation of 17,561 MW, construction of 98 substations and 10,000 km High voltage transmission lines.
Due this, I would like to extend my remarks that, all of us, the management and employees of EEP should be committed and hold hand in hand to realize this Massive power sector plan.