Electric Generation

Ethiopia has registered fast and sustainable economic growth over the past two decades. Behind this achievement, the power industry printout a commendable share towards feeding adequate electricity across the country.

The Ethiopian Electric Power has the authority of constructing and administration of power generation plants, high voltage transmission lines, substations, whole sale of electricity, conduct feasibility study, design and survey which was given by the council of ministers with proclamation number 302/2006 as of 2006 E.C.

Regarding power generation plants, currently, Ethiopian Electric Power administers 18 power plants there by generating a total of 4244 mega watt electricity nationwide.

Among the 18 power plants, 14 are from hydro namely Aba Samuel (6.6MW the first hydro power plant in Ethiopia), Gilgel Gibe III (1870MW), Beles (460MW), Gilgel Gibe II (420MW),Tekeze (300MW),Gilgel Gibe I(184MW), Melka wakena (153MW), Fincha (134MW), Amerti Neshi (95MW),Tis Abay II (73MW), Koka (43.2MW), Awash II (32MW), Awash III (32MW), and Tis Abay I (14.4MW) with a total installed capacity of 3814MW electricity.

Adama II (153MW), Ashegoda (120MW) and Adama I (51MW) are the wind power plants that has been generated electricity in Ethiopia which amounted 324MW on aggregate.

The remaining 104MW electricity is being generated from diesel generator and Aluto Geothermal plant (7.3MW).

List of power plants

NoName of the power plantInstalled capacity in mega wattNumber of unitsType of damLocation

Hydro power plants

1Gilgel Gibe III187010Concrete gravity damSouth nation, nationality and peoples state
2Beles4604Natural dam (lake Tana)State of Amhara
3Gilgel Gibe II4204Diversion damSouth nation, nationality and peoples state
4Takeze3004Concrete gravity damState of Tigrai
5Gilgel Gibe I1843Concrete gravity damState of Oromia
6Melka Wakena1534Concrete gravity damState of Oromia
7Fincha1344Gravel damState of Oromia
8Amerti Neshi952Concrete gravity damState of Oromia
9Tis Abay II732Natural dam (lake Tana)State of Amhara
10Awash II322Concrete gravity damState of Oromia
11Awash III322Concrete gravity damState of Oromia
12Koka433Concrete gravity damState of Oromia
13Tis Abay I11.43Natural dam (lake Tana)State of Amhara
14Aba Samuel6.64Concrete gravity damState of Oromia

Wind farm power plants

15Adama II153Wind turbineState of Oromia
16Ashegoda120Wind turbineState of Tigrai
17Adama I51Wind turbineState of Oromia

Geo-thermal power plants

18Aluto geothermal7.3State of Oromia
Total energy including diesel4244


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About EEP

EEP was established in 2013 by the Council of Ministers Regulation No.302/2013 and is responsible for generating, transmitting and wholesale electricity to be utilized nationwide as well as neighboring countries.
About EEP