• It is to be recalled that the Ethiopian Electric Power used to sign MoUs with potential interested companies for development of generation and transmission projects under Independent Power Producers (IPP) or Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) modalities.
  • The Government of Ethiopia, cognizant of the ever increasing power demand, is carrying out lots of projects in areas of power sector development. It has started implementing a power sector development plan for the continuation and sustainability of the fast double digit GDP and economic growth attained in the past years.
  • To respond to the supply gap under the GTP II, several generation projects are planned for implementation from renewable energy sources. These include generation of 7579 MW hydro, 5200 MW Wind, 500 MW Geothermal, 5200 MW Utility Scale Solar and 420 MW Biomass projects will be implemented in both Public and Private financing schemes. The planned share of the public and private financing is as follows:-
No. Renewable Energy source Private Share IPP (MW) Public Share EPC (MW) Total Capacity
1 Hydro Power 3758 3821 7579
2 Geothermal 500 500
3 Wind 3600 1600 5200
4 Solar 5200 5200
5 Biomass 300 120 420
  • In line with the above explanations, the Ethiopian Electric Power cordially notifies all interested partner that, the previously signed Non-binding MoUs are frozen and all generation projects will be carried out on competitive bidding modalities on IPP, PPP or EPC mechanisms.
  • Regarding transmission projects development, the procurement procedure will be in competitive basis and EPC with financing mechanisms.
  • Therefore, EEP we kindly calls upon interested investors and developers to visit our website and check local and international newspapers for tenders to be floated consecutively.


With Regards,

February 16,2016